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Monologues and scenes for women of color are hard to find.  I went to the Austin Public Library today and although I found a few books that could help, the majority of them were for white actors.  I have white women in my class but I also have African-American and Latina women and I want them to have a wide and rich selection when I start working from texts. 

So if anyone wants to purchase this book for Conspire Theatre, it would be a huge boon.  They don’t have it at the library and it would be good to own a copy of it.

If anyone knows of any other books or plays that feature women of color, that would be fantastic.  I’m googling like a mad woman and scanning all of my plays at the moment but I could always use a helping hand!

-Katherine Craft

Update: The fabulous Danea Johnson has purchased the book for us – thank you!  We’ll be setting up an Amazon account soon for future wishes.  Thanks for the support!


6 thoughts on “Wish List

      • you should consider an Amazon affiliates account linked to the new Conspire account, and a broader discussion of a Conspire library that people can donate and list those books as affiliate links receiving both the books and a %.

        • I might understand this better if I look at an Amazon affiliates account but I don’t quite get it. Who gets a percentage? Of the book sales? And a Conspire library is something I’m really interested in and need so any thoughts on getting it going are appreciated.

  1. Apologies.

    An affiliate account is an association with Amazon that generates some percentage payment to the affiliate (in this case Conspire) for books bought through links on the affiliate site.

    So you would create a wishlist of books that you would link to from this site, we would buy them for you and you would get both books and kickback.

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