Thank you!

Fundraising efforts helped us reach and exceed our goal! At press time, card swipes are still being tallied, cash counted and donations recorded – safe to say, the Banger’s Pub Quiz went off with a BANG! **Much appreciation to Banger’s cast and crew, who were amazingly friendly and accommodating from start to finish.**

The evening began with volunteers, board members, friends and family of Conspire advocates happily crafting away on the picnic tables at the outdoor venue. A list of raffle prizes and Conspire’s mission statement were cut and pasted onto fun colored scrap booking paper, and gold duct taped to tables to save them from the fantastic breeze. The giant pecan trees protected the crowd from the late day sun. Conspire’s welcome table was set up – complete with a pink caboodle for a money box – we were ready to accept donations! Stephanie, with her cute-retro-cat-eyed specs, came out on behalf of Geeks Who Drink to act as our Quiz announcer. She was superb!

Sweet, sweet technology allowed us to plug in Squares to smart phones and swipe the night away. ALL RAFFLE TICKETS WERE SOLD! WOOHOO! All parties, whether they were there for the quiz or not, had a great attitude and seemed very interested in learning more about Conspire. There was a [hot] foreign racing team who’d just finished up at the Circuit of Americas, a Belgian who had just landed at Bergstrom minutes before, Dean the Australian was visiting his friend Lee (who happens to run with the Austin improv crowd) – all of these great guys supported Conspire (even knowing they wouldn’t be in town long enough to reap any of the local prizes). How generous!

About ten till 9, the packed tables relied on the romantic glow of overhead strung lighting (or the obnoxious rainbow flashing lights on a battery-powered pair of bunny ears). Prizes were awarded, tabs were paid and tables cleared. Kat’s sister took a few candid group photos of the Conspire ladies. Everybody was exhausted, a little sweaty – and smiling. Lessons were learned and money was earned! Now we’re ready to gear up for our NEXT big event: Performing Possibilities in July! So take a much deserved break, self-hug and pat on the back – you did a doggone hellacious job.

Conspire Theatre couldn’t have pulled Monday night off without your support, dedication and hard work. Major thanks you guys. We’re so excited to use these new-found funds and fans to get back to what’s important: the incarcerated and released women of Texas -helping them heal, get creative, feel empowered and be productive members of society. Grow with us! Spread the word, stay positive and check back soon for event pix! As Conspire’s directors would say, its time for a GROUP HIGH FIVE!


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