Recap of October 26th Volunteer Meeting

To Potentional Volunteers: I’m aware that many of you wanted to make Monday night’s meeting but couldn’t for various reasons, so I’d like to send out a recap of what we discussed and what tasks we decided to work on.  I say ‘we’ because as I told everyone last night, this is a very new, very small organization.  I do not have a large staff who can dole out specific tasks and deadlines.  I have myself, a vision and a whole lot of energy.  That being said, this is an opportunity to get in on the ground level of something that will continue to grow and be in Austin for years to come.    How can you help?  Below, I’m giving a list of specifc tasks.  Last night, we picked small goals related to them and will check back in with each other in a few weeks.  I need independent, … Continue reading