Lock Down


*Author’s name withheld Is where I be surrounded in steel, they captivate me behind these doors a system’s hidden way to ignore you, me – has no limits to anyone Some old, others young I’ve come across many new faces all playing the same game races Once these words to me were wisely said – (at that time these words were too wise for my head) “A money maker winner never gets caught” I’d choose a different game I’ve now finally got the message in that if you don’t get it, you’ll be back yelling out these same cell cages all built up, surrounded with different rages It’s never too late to change – no doubt I’m so sick of this same prison route If changes aren’t made then I am bound to continue to see where I am now lock down




*Author’s name withheld M.L.K. On this very day I called out requesting if others wanted to pray Five of us shouted out our cell a prayer request – we each had one to tell Praying at the same time, I’ve found Found faith in others – what a beautiful sound We don’t have a clock but knew when to stop We used another round (by a correctional cop) This is an experience I’ll never forget. Our prayers are answered; to any non-believer, I’ll place a bet. Kinda laughed towards the end This day is Martin Luther King, a holiday, amen. He’s famous for shouting, ‘I had a dream’ This day to me will have another meanin’- The day we shouted out our cell Having faith for another, to pray in a place like Hell. So how about on Martin Luther King, we can say, We had a prayer on this … Continue reading

Love and Money

Money in a Heart

Another holiday season has come and gone. This year I had the chance to notice something, and not for the first time. I see how we attach our own value to money, belongings and gifts both on the receiving and giving ends. It was easier to see and call out as ridiculous in my roommate, of course but that made me look in the mirror and reevaluate. My roommate was raised by parents who are Jehovah’s Witnesses, whose religion requires that they not celebrate Birthdays, Christmas, etc. So my friend never had the Christmas experience that so many of us grew up with and does not observe those practices as an adult. She admittedly tries to make up for what she feels she missed out on. She buys an outrageous amount of presents for her children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews etc. Her sister does the same thing. She has gone … Continue reading