*Author’s name withheld M.L.K. On this very day I called out requesting if others wanted to pray Five of us shouted out our cell a prayer request – we each had one to tell Praying at the same time, I’ve found Found faith in others – what a beautiful sound We don’t have a clock but knew when to stop We used another round (by a correctional cop) This is an experience I’ll never forget. Our prayers are answered; to any non-believer, I’ll place a bet. Kinda laughed towards the end This day is Martin Luther King, a holiday, amen. He’s famous for shouting, ‘I had a dream’ This day to me will have another meanin’- The day we shouted out our cell Having faith for another, to pray in a place like Hell. So how about on Martin Luther King, we can say, We had a prayer on this … Continue reading