Thoughts on “Ladies be careful!”

Tips on Sexual Assault Prevention

Robyn Ross, friend of Conspire Theatre, freelance writer and general awesome lady, wrote a Facebook post commenting on the fact that if so many people were telling women to be careful, use the buddy system, etc. in the wake of the recent murders in Austin, couldn’t men check in with each other to make sure that they weren’t going to commit violent acts? She started some heated debates and followed up with these thoughts: Wow, clearly this struck a nerve. I have seen cautionary fliers all over Central Austin, and I’m immensely grateful to those who are putting them out and reminding people to take basic personal safety precautions. What bothers me, and perhaps what bothers you, is how the vast majority of messages about preventing violence against women are addressed to women. I’ve never seen a flier on a lamppost cautioning men to control themselves. The very idea is … Continue reading