Positive Reinforcement


We got a super sweet and encouraging letter from a class participant; here’s an excerpt: It’s so neat for Conspire Theatre to come into a facility full of criminals, full of what society clearly sees as trouble, a number, no chance – yet your class brings us out to be free, inside the walls. Thank you. For that, you made me feel like a person. You even put back hope in the only love I’ve truly loved since an early age – which was my writing. That’s why I so wanted to share it with Conspire Theatre. Thank you and your class…for giving me a future. It’s always nice to hear that your work is appreciated. Check out the Events tab to find out more about Performing Possibilities next month!


Thank you!


Fundraising efforts helped us reach and exceed our goal! At press time, card swipes are still being tallied, cash counted and donations recorded – safe to say, the Banger’s Pub Quiz went off with a BANG! **Much appreciation to Banger’s cast and crew, who were amazingly friendly and accommodating from start to finish.** The evening began with volunteers, board members, friends and family of Conspire advocates happily crafting away on the picnic tables at the outdoor venue. A list of raffle prizes and Conspire’s mission statement were cut and pasted onto fun colored scrap booking paper, and gold duct taped to tables to save them from the fantastic breeze. The giant pecan trees protected the crowd from the late day sun. Conspire’s welcome table was set up – complete with a pink caboodle for a money box – we were ready to accept donations! Stephanie, with her cute-retro-cat-eyed specs, came out on behalf of Geeks Who Drink to act as … Continue reading