*Author’s name withheld Caring Loving Intelligent, strong, cute and sharing Notice how I have written from caring to sharing – how the words are sittin’ one word next line, one word next line, five words (115 – my weight, I know I’m a nerd) My sins have been washed, Jesus tossed. Notice the outlay again? Just another silly way my friend (5’2″ – telling of my height) I know now you’re beginning to think, how tight I have a point I’ll keep this small or even short It is another silly way of me to report Not my height nor my weight life giving to all how any day the Lord could take me.


Another Day


*Class participant’s poetry submission – author’s name withheld To live another day to live a different way I’ve learned so much I am grateful for God’s touch I have been humbled as well as my mouth from rumbled rumbling on about life’s sad songs no matter where I may be it is my God who will set me free I can stand alone in me He will make Himself known I can smile and still love obviously my higher power I serve is above I’ve learned how to be still within within me Jesus is in I do not have to live – it is my God who chose me to give another day