Rehearsing Possibilities

Lauren and Michelle at Inside Out

Alumni Advocate Lauren Johnson explains what our program name means to her. Help Conspire continue its classes at the Travis County Correctional Complex by donating here. Doing the work that she does with Conspire, Kat often talks about rehearsing possibilities. Initially it felt a little silly and dorky however, Kat manages to show people the real life applications. During the Inside Out workshops that Conspire held there would be a theme each month. Just before the holidays, we explored our perceptions of what the upcoming events would bring in each of our lives. Using the bodies of people in our group, we would arrange people in a pose throughout the room to illustrate what a scene from our holiday typically looked like. We let everyone else in the room observe and comment on what they saw and then we explained our scene. After both groups did that, we then did … Continue reading


March Inside Out Workshop Canceled

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Our March workshop this Saturday the 17th has been canceled. Nothing to worry about – we’ll be back and ready to play on April 21st. Michelle and Kat have come to the startling realization that they are just two women (as opposed to fourteen, like they thought), and they are currently organizing and planning so they can charge through the rest of the year with energy and enthusiasm. We hope to see everyone again in April!