Untitled poetry submission


Conspire received an untitled piece to share on the blog from a former class participant – we’re happy to oblige:   As I grieve a life whose time has passed, a life full of family and lovers I thought would last. A place in my heart has a huge void, but the scales lifted from my eyes tell the true story of the lies I’ve been told. How many more lives will this game take? All in search of a love and family. All things Satan is so willing to fake. He lies, cheats and promises you the world. All the while damaging our eternal souls. Truth be told there is only one true way, but to yield to that voice seems a high price to pay. We think we’re defined by the life that we’ve led. But choices dear friend are the reason so many of us are dead. So sit and … Continue reading




*Author’s name withheld M.L.K. On this very day I called out requesting if others wanted to pray Five of us shouted out our cell a prayer request – we each had one to tell Praying at the same time, I’ve found Found faith in others – what a beautiful sound We don’t have a clock but knew when to stop We used another round (by a correctional cop) This is an experience I’ll never forget. Our prayers are answered; to any non-believer, I’ll place a bet. Kinda laughed towards the end This day is Martin Luther King, a holiday, amen. He’s famous for shouting, ‘I had a dream’ This day to me will have another meanin’- The day we shouted out our cell Having faith for another, to pray in a place like Hell. So how about on Martin Luther King, we can say, We had a prayer on this … Continue reading