Recap of October 26th Volunteer Meeting

To Potentional Volunteers:

I’m aware that many of you wanted to make Monday night’s meeting but couldn’t for various reasons, so I’d like to send out a recap of what we discussed and what tasks we decided to work on.  I say ‘we’ because as I told everyone last night, this is a very new, very small organization.  I do not have a large staff who can dole out specific tasks and deadlines.  I have myself, a vision and a whole lot of energy.  That being said, this is an opportunity to get in on the ground level of something that will continue to grow and be in Austin for years to come. 
How can you help?  Below, I’m giving a list of specifc tasks.  Last night, we picked small goals related to them and will check back in with each other in a few weeks.  I need independent, creative, self-motivated people who have the passion and the energy to address some of these themselves.  If that’s only for thirty minutes a week, that’s still wonderful.
Grant/proposal resarch: The Regional Foundation Library is a great resource for funding sources.  In order to use their database, you need to schedule an orientation with their staff.  This takes about half an hour to an hour and gives you access to and instructions on their database of foundations.  I’ve spoken with them several times, and even if they don’t remember the name Conspire Theatre, they will remember an organization that uses theatre to work with incarcerated women.  I’ll send them an email telling them they may hear from people associated with Conspire Theatre.  Danea Johnson ( will be doing some research – you might want to get in touch with her to coordinate your efforts. 
Grant writing: I have two templates for grants that can be modified and rewritten to apply for other grants/foundations.  This is a larger job and if someone would like to work on this, we’ll work as partners to complete it. 
Website: I would like the website to stay updated with news and articles that deal with criminal justice and women’s issues.  I would also like updates of what Conspire Theatre is currently doing.  For example – we’re starting a new workshop at the jail November 2nd.  The website right now is a basic WordPress blog and could use some loving design touches, or a complete makeover.  Karina Dominguez ( will be doing some website work.  You might want to coordinate your efforts with hers. 
Graphic design: Conspire Theatre needs a snazzy logo to put on business cards, flyers and t-shirts.  We also need an eye catching information sheet and/or brochure to hand out at events and to potential funders.  If you’re interested in design, contact Dan Solomon (  He is handling PR. 
Event planning: After this next workshop is over, we’ll be focusing on planning some small fundraising events.  Potlucks, yoga classes, movie nights, cocktail hours… if you have ideas for any events, large or small, we’d love to hear ‘em.  If you have any friends who could donate their skills, we’d love to hear from ‘em!  If you’re interested in event planning, get in touch with Dan Solomon ( 
We’re going back to the jail on November 2nd for another five week workshop.  Our theme this time will be love – love, in all its many forms and its potential for both healing and pain.  We will explore how love (or lack of love) affects us, and how love is portrayed in popular media such as songs as movies.  Any help you can give ensures that projects like these will continue to exist.
Thank you so much.

Katherine Craft
Executive Director
Conspire Theatre


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