More media, please

We have been receiving so much media attention lately that it’s been making my head spin.  It’s both wonderful and terrifying to be in the spotlight – this is my baby that you’re writing about here!  I think there’s been some good and thoughtful pieces written and I’m delighted at how exciting our work is to many people.  Since our work is mostly invisible, it’s funny to feel so exposed.  Deep breaths, Kat – you can’t control everything!

I need to think about bringing some of these articles into my class at the jail and get their opinions on it all.  I talked to them about our mission statement last week and they gave me some good tips.  We’ll be removing the word “marginalized” and adding “allies.”  The new mission will go something like: “To offer incarcerated women and their allies a healing and empowering experience through theatre and creative writing.”

Here’s the latest article about Conspire, written by my friend and colleague Georgia Young at Austinist.  Check it out!

-Kat Craft


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