Inner View and Workshop Reminder

You can listen to Executive Director Katherine Craft and Conspire alumn and newest board member Lauren Johnson being interviewed online!  Click here to go to the direct audio file and here to check out the blog post and file.  Thanks to Abigail Mahnke for being a great host and asking some interesting questions.  I always feel like I’m stumbling around on these things, so I was grateful for her pointed questions and clarifications.

And of course, our Inside Out Community Workshop is still happening tomorrow morning from 10am – noon, complete with free childcare and breakfast.  I just called in our order to Einstein’s, so there will be bagels and coffee to wake you up.  Michelle and I will be leading a workshop based on British practitioner Fiona MacBeth’s excellent “Acts” curriculum, in which we’ll explore the fronts and facades that people put up in their daily lives.  I’ve been a participant in the workshop itself and really enjoyed it.  ALL Austin area women welcome.  We hope to see you there!

Servant Church at United Asbury Church
1605 E. 38th St. (on the corner of 38th and Cherrywood, just east of I35)
Use the brown wooden door with cross window on Cherrywood.

-Kat Craft


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