In production

Much is happening behind the curtain at Conspire these days. We’ll be posting more details as they come up, until then, enjoy this teaser!

  • Raising hell and raising funds

Kat and Michelle managed to wrangle together a terrific group of volunteers to act as Conspire’s very own Fundraising Committee! The team is working hard coordinating this summer’s big event – a fundraising extravaganza! (Well, a super fun night where everybody wins.) Dust off your fancy pants and your thinking cap and tell your friends you’ll be attending the gala of the century. We’ll meet you there to kick some trivia butt, have a beer and hand out some sweet prizes! For now, mark your calendars: the evening of May 20th, you will be doing some good!

  • Write on!!

We’re honored and humbled to have received creative writing submissions from our own board members, as well as permission to publish from some of our class participants. Every woman has a voice, and these women have put their experiences on paper. Please check back soon to read these inspiring stories and poems from the women who have lived through it and are surviving.

  • Q&A, record and play.

Rumors are flying that local celebs Kat Craft and Michelle Dahlenburg have agreed to hold a very exclusive interview with burgeoning blogger who, like Cher or Prince, goes by one name and one name only. Rest assured there will be more than one question – oh yes, your quest to know every detail of these brilliant women’s lives will be satiated. Angelina Jolie will seem like a lame hermit after this round of questioning. Are you excited? There will be video clips!

Thank you Conspire family – you inspired all of this! Have a wonderful week.



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