Happy Holidays from Conspire Theatre!

In seven short months, we’ve accomplished so much: 

  •  Conspire Theatre became a sponsored project of the Greater Austin Creative Alliance (formerly Austin Circle of Theaters).  Friends and family generously donated the money needed to join.  Many thanks to GACA for their support!
  • Katherine Craft and Meg Brooker ran two, five week long theatre workshops with incarcerated women in the PRIDE program at Travis County Correctional Complex.  They served over sixty women and organized two performances created by the participants and attended by other inmates and staff.  Here’s what some of the women had to say about the workshops:

“This is a wonderful class – it makes us forget that we are in stripes.  We actually feel free again.” 

“Thank you… I will never forget you guys.”

“I believe this class has been a wonderful exercise and stress reliever for the women of PRIDE.”

 “You all were a blessing to me despite of me being in jail.”

  •  Katherine set up the Conspire Theatre website in order to share our mission, vision and values.  These ideas will ensure that the Conspire stays true to our mission to offer marginalized women a healing and empowering experience through the creative mediums of theatre and writing.” 
  • Katherine and Meg kept an extensive online journal of their most recent workshop which can be read on this site.  Readership has grown, and the popular central Texas criminal justice blog, Grits for Breakfast  recently wrote a short piece about us.
  • Conspire Theatre has a new PO Box, (Conspire Theatre, PO Box 4953 Austin, TX 78765-4953) so we can keep in touch with the women still in jail.  Many expressed interest in corresponding with us, and joining a theatre group on the outside once they’re released. 

    We could not have done this without your generous support!  We cannot express enough gratitude to those who have donated to this organization.  Every little bit counts, and we are so thankful to you for recognizing the importance of our mission.   

    In the future: We want to return to the jail in the spring for another workshop.  Your contribution can make this possible.

     $10 = 10 brightly colored folders that the women can keep their handouts and writings in.  These also bring much needed color into the drab world of the jail.
$20 = six months of a post office box that we use to keep in touch with women who have been in the workshops.
$100 = two workshop leaders for a class.
$500 = the planning and execution of a week of classes
$3,000 = a whole durn five week workshop!

To donate, click on our How You Can Help tab up above or mail checks written to the Greater Austin Creative Alliance at 701 Tillery, Box 9, Austin, TX 78702.  All donations are tax deductible.

Have a wonderful holiday.  Here’s to a great New Year for you and yours! 

We’re going above and beyond in 2010 to offer unique, creative programming to women in need.


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