CultureMap Austin writes about Conspire Theatre

The title says it all – Mike Graupmann over at CultureMap Austin interviewed Michele Dahlenburg and me a couple of weeks ago about our work at the Travis County Correctional Complex.

Click here to read the story!

Talking to Mike was fun – we sat in my sun room and chatted for about an hour.  Mike has been involved in nonprofits himself, so he “got it” and I didn’t worry about him twisting my words or making me sound like a liberal kook for doin’ that weirdo arts stuff in a jail.  As we grow, the increased media attention that may come with it makes me a bit uneasy.  You can’t control what other people write about you (even if one of those writers is your husband) so making sure that I don’t say something irreparably stupid or insulting has become a major concern.  I could not be a politician – that’s for sure!

I didn’t have that worry with Mike so the whole experience has been really pleasant and now we have a great bit of media to send around!  Just in time for fundraising…

Which we are still doing: visit the IndieGogo site to donate.  We need to raise $3,000 by September 1st – we’re at $550 right now.  Please help us reach our goal.

-Katherine Craft


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