A powerful reminder

Sarah Saltwick describes her experience as a guest artist for Conspire Theatre:

I felt very fortunate to have to chance to lead some writing exercises with Katherine Friday, September 24th . I have been writing for some time now and can too easily get caught up in the negative, more neurotic aspects of procrastination, self doubt and even apathy. Friday’s class was a powerful reminder of the value writing has both to the writer and the audience.  I was very impressed with the women and their willingness to try the assignment and to bring themselves into it.  They made it personal.

The most moving part of the class was the closing.  Katherine asked each participant to state how they were feeling and something that they had accomplished that day. Many of the women who had come in with a great heaviness now were full of positive energy.  I think our work in class remember them of who they are. When we take the time to express our own thoughts and feelings, it’s a way of getting connecting with our true self. When everything about their setting takes away their individuality, this expression becomes even more critical.

I was also so impressed with the care, confidence and energy Katherine brings to this endeavor. She is an excellent leader and the whole community is lucky to have her. I believe this is definitely work worth supporting.

-Sarah Saltwick


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