Conspire Theatre Alum G-Baby on BET!

I am so excited to announce that Whitney Perkins, aka G-Baby, has won two Freestyle Friday battles on BET’s show 106 & Park.  Who is G-Baby?  She is a really creative and talented woman who was in our Fall 2009 five week workshop.  She was a really strong presence in the class and impressed me with her writing skills and her stage presence.  At our final performance, she read two poems that she had written and laid down a beat for us while we sang “Killing Me Softly.”  With her permission, I’m posting the monologue that she wrote while in our class as well as a link to her video from her last freestyle battle.  We are so impressed!  One thing that I love about this monologue is that it’s about performing in front of a crowd and now, six months later, she’s doing it on television! 

G-Baby battles Ami Miller on BET

Ms. Anonymous
a monologue by Whitney Perkins
November 2009

Wow, I would’ve never thought that God created a woman so beautiful. This is, of course, besides myself and my mom. I would give anything just to know her name. As soon as she walked into the club, I noticed the rainbow bracelet she wore on her wrist, as well as the female and female tattoo that laid in the bottom curve of her back. I mean, it was a gay club but that didn’t necessarily mean that everyone whom entered was gay. After peepin the scene for a minute, I decided I should make a move. As I began to make my way from VIP, I heard a shout. “G$Baby you’re on next!” Immediately my attention went from “Ms. Anonymous” to “Rockin the stage.” I figured I’d introduce myself in away I was use to. The crowd, my fans and family began to clap as I appeared on the stage. I performed my hit single “What the Bizz” and a new song titled, “First Glance.” It was a great outcome and I even won first place at the competition.

While on the stage, I scan the crowd, lookin for Ms. Anonymous. She was nowhere to be found. I became a little upset. Crazy, huh? Especially with all the cuties try’na make it backstage. But the cutie and beauty that I wanted to meet had slipped before my fingers and faded like my vocals in a speaker once the song was over.

As I made my way back to VIP, my producer is cheesin big time. He says, “Great show.” I thanked him and began to walk away. He laughed and said, “Not that it matters, you may just add it to the collection or throw it away but here.” He handed me a phone number. “The woman was sexy, G$Baby and she begged me to give this to you.” I stuffed the number in my pocket and headed to the car. Before I could open my door, there was “Ms. Anonymous.” My heart began to race. She looked at me and said, “So will you call me?” Shocked, I said, “Yes,” and offered her to take her to breakfast (Waffle House). Of course she accepted my offer.

We ate, laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. Upon leaving, she said, “I loved your songs, especially ‘First Glance.’ I really wanted to get your name then you went on stage and I got more than that. Now I’m hopin I’ll receive that call.” We got in our cars and departed. Realizin I never got her name, I called quickly. She answered sayin, “Tara.” I giggled and said, “Nice to meet you, Tara, drive safe and if you could, let me know you made it home.”

She’s no longer Ms. Anonymous.

UPDATE: G-Baby won her third battle this past Friday.  Congratulations again!  Here’s the link to her third successful battle:

G-Baby wins again!


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