2011-2012 Annual Report

We have done so much this year! We’ve collected data from last October to now, so look below to see what we’ve accomplished in the last ten months.

155 women served at Austin Recovery Center
100 free copies of the book, The Open Minds of a Closed Cell, given out at TCCC
98 women served at TCCC (through 7.12.12)
30 unique lesson plans created
29 weeks of classes in both maximum and minimum security at TCCC (Oct – June)
26 weeks of classes for women in recovery at Austin Recovery Center (Jan – June)
8 Inside Out Community workshops held
5 facilitators paid for their work
1 new class created for women in maximum security at TCCC.
1 successful class sustained for women in minimum security at TCCC.
1 performance at TCCC

Comments from women in our classes:
“Conspire reaches down inside us and pulls out talent we never knew we had.”
“It’s like I threw away my anger and replaced it with happiness.”
“This is my favorite class!”

We have a new website, designed by a class at the Art Institute of Austin.
We have a new logo, designed by an Art Institute student.
Feature in the Austin Chronicle
Kat Craft was interviewed for one local and one national radio show.
Lauren Johnson was interviewed by one local radio show.
People know who we are! We have name recognition.

We have a lawyer from CBAR helping us file for our 501c3 and expect the paperwork to be filed by this fall.
Conspire now has a Board of Directors dedicated to the organization’s mission.

Raised $3400 in last August’s online campaign.
Received $1000 from Bread for the Journey Austin.
Received $250 seed money for participating in the Center for Women and Gender Studies October conference.
Made it to the second stage of Impact Austin and got our organization in front of numerous philanthropic Austin women.
Have a solid grant writing team which has applied for 4 grants.

Invited to a be featured organization in Rethinking Power & Resistance: Gender & Human Rights from Texas to the Transnational Americas at CWGS UT, 5-6 October 2012


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